99.99% Uptime – The Best for your Business

Mar 17, 2023 | Industry News

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What does uptime mean to you?

For us as a service provider uptime is essential to keep both our customers and us connected! An outage or period of downtime can be detrimental to a provider’s reputation, even though a lot of the time, it’s out of their hands.

With Connecting Britain you’re guaranteed 99.99% uptime, powered by Netsapiens, the fastest growing platform in the USA with over 3 million users worldwide.


So, lets discuss the time differences between the 99’s and the 99.9999’s, and what these numbers can do to increase customer satisfaction and confidence in you as a vendor.

If you are unable to get 100% uptime, the common thought would be that 99% is almost as good. However, with every 9, your service gets more and more resilient. This means that 99% isn’t as close to 100 as you’d first be led to believe, with the equivalent downtime of 3.65 days per year… that’s 14 minutes per day… that’s frustrating for any service provider!

This being said, for every 9 added after 99% the resilience is increased so it’s something to consider when looking at different providers. Take our system for example, 99.99% (four nines) has a combined yearly outage of 52.6 minutes in a year, equating to 8.64 seconds a day. This level of downtime would be barely noticeable, if at all.


What is an outage and why do we try and avoid it at all costs?

Outages relate to periods of time when the connection is not working, leaving people unable to either make calls or connect to the internet. Downtime or outages not only cause major stress for any service provider, but frustration in the end user which is often directed towards their vendor (even though it’s out of their hands!).

If an MSP uses a system with less than 99.9% uptime, they could be looking at frustrated customers who experience hours of outages every month, equating to days of downtime when combined over a year.

We know first hand how downtime affects our end user, having previously been with a provider who were unable to provide 99% of uptime. When we experienced and outage, we would see an influx of emails with angry customers unable to use their phones or even contact us to report a fault.

The issue many MSP’s have to face is the inability to get real time updates from their provider in regard to outages, leaving them frustrated and inundated with messages from angry customers wanting to know more. It can leave MSP’s or ISP’s at a loose end, unable to get updates for themselves, let alone be able to update customers on expected fix times!

By ensuring you consider the options of having a reputable and reliable service provider, you can instil the confidence in your customers and your reputation won’t be tainted by something that’s completely out of your control!


How do providers achieve 99.99% uptime?

Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens achieves 99.99% of uptime by having multiple points of presence across the globe. Our platform has been designed with selected data carriers, mitigating the inherent risks from a single-carrier model with our clusters of the UK and EMEA located Equinix tier 4 datacentres.

In simpler terms, we have 3 datacentres worldwide: One located in London, UK. One located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. And one in the USA, in Las Vegas. Each of these datacentres are highly secure and reliable.


For a full breakdown of uptime vs downtime check out below:

To discuss becoming a partner of Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens and thus benefiting from 99.99% uptime, click here