You’ve been using AI in your Telecoms service without even knowing it!

Apr 17, 2023 | Industry News, Hosted Telephony

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of conversations recently about the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). But did you know you’ve probably been using it pretty much every single day… especially through your phones!


Have you ever wondered how your phone conversations are always so clear and how text messages can be delivered in real time? Chances are, you’ve been using AI without even knowing it!


AI has been used in the telecommunications industry for years, allowing us to access a wide range of features that have revolutionized how we communicate. From automated customer service to predictive analytics, AI is changing the face of telecoms as we know it.

So, let’s look at a few of the ways Artificial intelligence is used within the telecoms industry and how it has been a part of your life for years!


Predictive Text


Everyone has used predictive text at some point in their lives. From correcting your spelling to writing whole sentences, our phones have been using this simple form of AI since before we even had touch screens!


Did you know Predictive text was actually first developed in the 90’s!


Take your mind back to a world where the only game on your mobile phone was Snake, mobile phones had actual buttons on them, and you had to press the number 4 key 3 times to type the letter I in a text.


Early versions of AI were implemented as predictive text in basic mobiles such as Nokia and Motorola. These early AI algorithms worked by recognizing patterns in your input, such as frequently used words and combinations of letters. This allowed the programme to make educated guesses as to what you were trying to type and autocomplete the words or sentences.


Today, AI has become even more sophisticated and predictive analytics is used in many different ways in the telecom industry. Think more like, virtual receptionist or automated voicemail messages.


Our system implements these very features, you can find out more about our intelligent features here:

Feature List



So let’s look at a more advanced form of predictive text. We’ve mostly all tried to use a chatbot at some point, and let’s be honest… they’re usually pretty annoying. You just can’t seem to escape the infinite loops of frustrating messages (Usually trying to get through to an actual human!)


That being said, chatbots are becoming increasingly intelligent and are being used to help companies answer customer service inquiries faster and more efficiently. This can make life easier for everyone involved – no more waiting on hold for hours on end! Chatbots now can even provide automated customer service, using natural language processing technology. So chatbots aren’t going anywhere any time soon – and that’s a good thing! No, really it is!


Fraud Protection


Have you ever had a phone call from your telecoms provider asking you to confirm a transaction or purchase you’ve supposedly made on their network? Or maybe you’ve seen an unexpected charge on your phone bill and wondered where it came from? Most people know this scenario.


Fraud is a huge issue for telecoms providers, costing them billions each year. And it’s not just the provider that suffers – customers are often left feeling violated after having their data stolen. So, how are Telecoms providers looking to combat this problem?


That’s where Artificial Intelligence comes in. The majority of telecoms providers now use AI-powered software to detect fraud, sometimes before it even happens. AI can analyse large amounts of data quickly, looking for patterns and warning signs that might indicate fraud. It’s even smart enough to be able to identify unusual behaviour, like if a customer’s location suddenly changes or if there is an unusually high amount of activity on an account.


It’s like having a digital eye that’s constantly watching for suspicious activity, and with AI this eye never gets tired! It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s real and it works. AI has become a powerful tool in the fight against fraud.


With this recent influx of people using and becoming aware of AI across different platforms, there have been a variety of different programs made newly available. Some are even completely free of charge, with the option for more features if you pay of course. This is amazing for the world of tech as many of these programs are designed to make our lives easier – hear that… easier!


But don’t worry, the robots won’t be taking over any time soon, we can assure you of that!



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