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Why Connecting Britain?

By partnering with Connecting Britain Wholesale you can increase your businesses revenue per order, attract additional customers and provide a best in class hosted or connectivity solution to your customers, without worrying about increasing your in house operations.

The UK Telecoms Market…

Throughout the UK there are currently over 350 telco resellers.

Telecommunications is a highly concentrated industry, with almost all resellers using 1 of the 3 main platforms Gamma, Telcoswitch and 3CX this means that whilst the market for telecommunications services and VOIP is growing the main differential that resellers are competing against is price.

As the majority of resellers are competing with the same product sets it is difficult to use features and functionality as a point of difference.

Businesses are selling the same products, therefore the only thing they are competing on is price which only accelerates the erosion of pricing margins.

Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens is a platform that offers genuine point of difference to the UK market.

We enable service providers like yourself to build compelling and profitable unified communications solutions in your own image helping to improve your businesses positioning in the marketing and maximise your reputation.

Connecting Britain are proud to be a distributor of the Netsapiens hosted platform in the UK.

By having not one but three datacentres throughout the world, the reliability of the platform is 99.99%.

This platform has been designed with selected data carriers, mitigating the inherent risks from a single-carrier model with our clusters of the UK and EMEA located Equinix tier 4 datacentres in London (which is the same one used for the London stock exchange) and Amsterdam with multiple minimum 10Gb resilient interconnections.

Why Choose Connecting Britain?

By partnering with Connecting Britain wholesale you are able to get a best in class hosted platform with many other benefits that you wouldn’t get from a direct partnership with Netsapiens. Connecting Britain offers all functionality offered by Netsapiens whilst offering other unique benefits such as:-

What is Connecting Britain Wholesale partner?

Gain access to a fully customisable, white label hosted solution.

Flexible and affordable pricing options to suit your business model.

Dedicated account management and self service portals to help you place and manage order efficiently.

Trusted and reliable platform with data centres across the world.

Platform Options

Benefit from a fully managed and branded telephony portal as well as your very own mobile application. Our platform is fully white labelled, meaning that your customers only ever see the branding that you choose.

With our hosted platform you will gain access to your own portal which we are able to brand with your own choice of logos and colours. Within your portal you also have the ability to brand your own end users platform with ease.

We also offer a white-labelling service for customer-facing marketing materials and in house training documentation. This also includes running bespoke marketing campaigns and email automations.

Our white labelled collateral includes brochures, product sheets, quick-start guides, and more, delivering a suite of regularly updated resources as well as bespoke documentation that helps you increase customer engagement.

In comparison to other partner models each license includes all of the features available, which can then be configured, turned off or used dependant on your requirements and market sector you are in.

Multi-Site Geo - Redundancy

n-share technology expands multi-site redundancy to provide effectively 100% platform uptime, with global presence.

A Different Commercial Model

Choose Between Sessions or Seats.

A licencing model which allows MSP's to take advantage of oversubscription "price per license" is also available when partnering with Connecitng Britain

All inclusive Universal License

With the Connecting Britain licence model, all functionality is provided under a single license type.

Enterprise Grade Hosted PBX

Leading Enterprise Solution

One of the fastest growing Class 5 soft switch platforms around the globe, incorperating all functions.

Call Centre Solution

A fully customisable home page, Call Centre solution provides managers with real-time information on performance and statistics as well as call queueing.

Portal Branding

Your solution, your image!

Image is everything and our solutions can provide all the tools necessary to brand the web portal and mobile applications in your own image.

Open Restful API

Integrate with 3rd party systems and applications through our open RESTful API, with over 300 orchestrations available. Integrate with CRM's, billing systems and much more.

Integrated Diagnostics

With VoIPmonitor being fully integrated, you have the tools to perform your own diagnostics, saving many hours diagnosing an issue, re-creating a scenario, or analysing PCAP and SIP traces for VoIP calls.

Graphical device provisioning

Self Manage.

Exclusive solutions, providing MSP's, their customers and users with single graphical interface to add devices and manage provisioning.

Plus so many more, download a full list of features available here

User Options available

The Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens services can either be offered as a ‘by session’ product or per seat product.

How do sessions work?

Sessions mean charging by an active call rather than a user.

How does that compare?

Our Connectivity Partners…

We work with a multitude of broadband providers across the UK to provide ultrafast reliable connectivity. From traditional networks such as BT Openreach and virgin media to alterative network partners that are paving the full fibre way for the UK.

Ultrafast full fibre connectivity allows businesses to scale and communicate in uniquely effective ways. As copper-based services become increasingly obsolete, it is becoming less of a luxury and more a necessity to access upgraded connectivity.

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