We at Connecting Britain understand first-hand what our resellers need to aid their success. Our solutions are fully equipped with a range of innovative features to help you and your clients communicate and collaborate better.

You can access everything you or your clients need all in the same place. With our fully white-label platform and documentation, there’s no need to involve other vendors. Connecting Britain offers it all!

Video Conferences

With Video Conferencing, your customers can collaborate from any device, wherever they are. This feature helps to keep all communication professional by having it all in one place! Set up meetings with colleagues or clients from a single link and take control of your collaborations.

Desktop and Mobile App

Choose to have your own mobile app, branded just the way you want. Your customers only see as much or as little as you’d like them to.

Need to make a call on the go? No problem, the mobile app holds all of the features of a desk phone. Through the desktop app you can make and receive calls or access analytics and wallboards.

With the option for a branded portal, you can choose to take charge of your own communication, or let us do the work for you. All of the features, less of the fuss!

Multi-Site Geo-Redundancy

N-share technology expands multi-site redundancy to provide effectively 100% platform uptime, addressing the requirements of reliability, resiliency, and availability by providing a framework for service continuity, system expandability, and ease of maintenance.

Engineered to scale in a virtually limitless fashion while still being managed as a single application, NetSapiens’ n-share enables geographically diverse SNAPsolution instances to act as a single ‘follow the sun’ hosted voice platform around the globe.

By having not 1 but 3 datacentres across the world, the reliability of the platform is 99.99%

Open RESTful API

One of the many core features of the NetSapiens SNAPsolution is the power to integrate with 3rd party systems and applications through our open RESTful API.

With over 300 orchestrations available, MSPs can integrate CRMs, billing systems, custom applications, payment gateways, or even design their own custom web interface.

This powerful tool enables extended functionality and development outside of the core platform.

Call Centre Solution

The heart of the call centre is the call queues which can be fully configured and modified as required by the call centre managers, supervisors or administrators.

The Call Centre feature allows your business, however big or small, to operate like it’s own enterprise.

With a fully customisable home page, the Call Centre solution provides managers and supervisors with real-time information on agent performance, as well as call and queue statistics.

Integrated Diagnostics

With VoIPmonitor being fully integrated into the NetSapiens SNAPsolution, MSPs have the tools immediately available to them to perform their own diagnostics.

The powerful logging and reporting tools can save many hours diagnosing an issue, re-creating a given scenario, or analysing PCAP and SIP traces for VoIP calls.

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