More Than Just White Label Marketing

At Connecting Britain, we understand that standing out in a competitive industry requires innovative strategies and a commitment to empowering our partners. That’s why our main differentiating factor is our unique licensing structure, offering the option to pay per session rather than per seat.

By introducing this ground-breaking approach, we help our resellers maximize their profit margins. Each session represents an active call, and with an oversubscription ratio of 25:1, our partners can benefit from increased revenue opportunities.

Our support goes beyond just the numbers!

Our session licenses offer flexibility without strict caps. You can easily purchase additional session licenses to manage your growing demand. While we can set usage caps as a reseller for our partners, our focus is on enabling your business to scale without unnecessary limitations.

This efficient resource management minimizes costs and maximizes profit potential. By adopting this approach, partners gain greater control over pricing, customization, and business scalability, resulting in higher profit margins.

As an extension of our Partners own marketing department, we provide comprehensive documentation services, ensuring that our partners can focus on their core priorities while we handle their platform’s marketing needs. With personalized documentation and eye-catching collateral, we like to make sure your packages hit the marketing jackpot!.

With our pay-per-session model, our partners gain complete ownership and the freedom to build and design their own product sets. This autonomy allows for bespoke marketing solutions, enabling them to truly differentiate themselves in the market.

Take charge and get creative! You can design your own product sets, customize packages, set your pricing, and even provide your very own branded portal. And guess what? We’ve got your back every step of the way, so no need to stress about expanding your internal workforce. You can leave the marketing magic to us!

Your Business, Your Branding

Did you know that by showing a consistent brand image across all platforms, it can increase your brand recognition by 80%, and even increase your revenue from anywhere between 10% – 20%!

With our platform, you don’t have to worry about your reputation being tarnished or worry about being seen as a ‘middle man’ the branding you set is the branding they see.

From a branded login page all the way through to your very own branded mobile app and user guides, the Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens platform is truly unique in the telecoms market.

Experience true ownership with your fully white labelled, coherent platform and marketing channels. Increase your customers trust and boost your professional image by keeping it consistent.

What do you get?

Transforming your brand’s vision into captivating content! Our marketing department is your secret weapon, delivering website SEO support, captivating copywriting, brand strategy that stands out, email campaigns that pack a punch, and user guides tailored to perfection. We go beyond ordinary white labelling!

Why do we do it?

Your success as a partner is our success. that’s why we provide not only professional and accurate documentation but cohesive and consistent collateral. Our commitment to professionalism and accuracy ensures your brand shines with distinction, leaving typical white label documents in the dust.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in the telecommunications industry, our next-level marketing services are tailored to meet your ambitions.


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