Meet our Team

Jonathan Walker CEO & Co Founder

Jonathan Walker has over 15 years experience within the telecoms industry with leading expertise in VoIP communications, B2B sales and Marketing. Walker has been in the telecoms industry from the beginning leading and managing some of the best and well known brands within the industry.

Helping ISP’s and MSP’s create product differentiation in a competitive market.

 Garry Grant COO & Co Founder

Garry Grant started his career within the telecoms industry as a mobile reseller back in 2003, with the years since then focusing on business phones, voip services and everything inbetween. Garry has led some of the most well known brands in the telcoms industry alongside Walker.

Garry now overlooks and manages the accounts and technical staff here at Connecting Britain, ensuring we are offering the latest features, softwares and services.

Jordan Tillotson Channel Sales Manager

Jordan has worked within the channel for 13 years, with some of the biggest brands and platforms.

Now working with the Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens platform Jordan has leveraged his decade-plus experience in the voice industry to build a process allowing us to bespoke build our partner solutions to each individuals requirements as well as make the onboarding as smooth and streamline as possible.

 Cora Halleron-Clarke Head of Marketing

Cora has over 5 years in the B2B marketing industry, with a passion for building and creating marketing strategies and brands from the ground up. Cora’s skill lie with brand strategy, targeted email campaigns, digital marketing, copywriting and content creation as well as social media management.

 Emi Pritchard Head of Service Delivery

Emi leads the technical implementation of our partners platforms as well as the delivery and service support following on from the build. Emi has a plethora of knowledge and expertise within IT, Voice services and the Netsapiens Platform.

 Jess Bamping Wholesale Billing Manager

Jess heads our finance, customer service and ongoing accounts ensuring all our partner journeys throughout the business run as smoothly as possible, from accounts and billing.  

What is a Connecting

Britain Partner?

By partnering with Connecting Britain you can increase your revenue per order, attract additional customers and provide a best in class hosted solution to your customers without worrying about increasing your in house operations.

We aim to help service providers build compelling and profitable unified communications solutions in their own image maximising profitability and improving reputation.

Connecting Britain are proud to be a distributor of the Netsapiens hosted platform in the UK and Ireland.

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