Comms Business Live: The Best Platform Migrations

Mar 15, 2023 | Hosted Telephony, Industry News

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Our CEO Jonathan was recently invited to take part in a discussion for Comms business with Charlotte Hathway, exploring the subject of platform migrations. Something that we at Connecting Britain have first-hand experience with. Along with Scott Goodwin, MD at Netsapiens, Jonathan explains the process we took to migrate our customers and the main points that vendors should consider when looking into other platforms.

We won’t sugar coat it, migrating a customer base can definitely be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Jonathan explains how we as a fully white label service provider have full control over our new platform, something we didn’t have previously. Being able to manage our own platform and those of our customers with minimal deployment time, if any, makes everything a lot more streamlined.

Connecting Britain Platform Migrations

“When we took on the migration, we looked around and the main players in the UK offered extremely similar options.

We found Netsapiens and were drawn in by the unique product sets and feature sets, ability to fully white label and self-manage. As an MSP it means we’re in full control of our platform and vastly reduces the deployment time for our partners as they’re able to have so much control over their own platforms and don’t need to rely heavily on us to manage it (even though the choice is there should they need us for anything).”

A massive selling point that we considered when looking into Netsapiens was the resilience. Having struggled in the past with outages being common place, it wasn’t just us that suffered but the majority of our customer base. By finding a provider like Netsapiens that pride themselves on providing a resilient and reliable service, we’ve been able to instil faith from our customers that outages are a thing of the past.

“Also from a resilience point of view, Netsapiens boasts 99.9% reliability by having datacentres located across the globe. We’d previously had issues of downtime and had actually lost customers because of our outages. That’s the last thing any provider wants and it’s more common than you’d think.

Netsapiens helps within the current market to increase revenue as it’s offering a unique product set, this means we’re able to offer something to our customers that hasn’t really been explored in the UK market prior to this. Giving us a massive advantage and helping with the ongoing revenue stream!”

The unified communications market has reached maturity, with mass adoption across the globe. In this competitive landscape, service providers have many choices available to them and could need to migrate their customer bases to a different vendor. In the episode Scott and Jonathan explain how migration can be carried out with minimal end user disruption and a low administrational burden.

Click here to watch the full interview

Resilience & Reliability

The Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens platform has been designed with selected data carriers, mitigating the inherent risks from a single-carrier model with our clusters of the UK and EMEA located Equinix tier 4 datacentres in London and Amsterdam with multiple minimum 10Gb resilient interconnections, as well as a datacentre in Las Vegas.

In comparison to others such as Asterix platforms which are designed for a max of 80,000 users, we’re at 3.5 million users and counting!

On top of being resilient and reliable the Netsapiens platform is fully white labelled allowing businesses to show case their own branding as well as mobile application on the app stores, working with Connecting Britain gives you further benefits of bespoke marketing creation, sales support collateral, training and technical support as well as access to our marketing team – meaning you don’t need to increase your work force in order to take on this platform.

For more details on this check out our ‘why switch?’ page.