UK Telecoms Industry: 4 Major Challenges for MSP’s Today

Feb 14, 2023 | Industry News

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The UK Telecoms industry has seen so many changes and challenges over the past few years. From new features, up and coming vendors and changes to the way businesses run, with the rise of ‘working from home’. Did you know there are currently there are over 350 telco resellers in the UK!

While MSPs are willing to share industry trends they’re taking advantage of, they’re not always willing to talk about the ones they’re losing sleep over. We’ve researched, spoken to, and done some digging into the challenges within the UK telecoms industry that MSP’s are struggling with today…


Eroding Margins in the telecoms industry

Telecommunications is a highly concentrated industry, with almost all resellers using 1 of the 3 main platforms Gamma, TelcoSwitch and 3CX.

This means that whilst the market for telecommunications services and VOIP is growing the main differential that resellers are competing against is price.

As the majority of resellers are competing with the same product sets it is difficult to use features and functionality as a point of difference. Businesses are selling the same products, therefore the only thing they are competing on is price, which only accelerates the erosion of pricing margins.

eroding margins of telecoms industry
watching time on wrist watch

Slow deployment for MSP’s

Slow build time of platforms is slowing down the deployment of these and therefore slowing the onboarding of new end users.

Many resellers today are settling for 3-5 day wait times, and through bank holidays or the dreaded Christmas period it’s more like 1-2 weeks.

Operations are getting more complex within the telecoms industry

With the rise in technology coming at us thick and fast, the rise in features and functionality is growing at a rapid rate – many resellers don’t have the staff or expertise to deal with this.

Thus leading to vendors stepping in affecting the reputation of the end user’s reseller.

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branded telecoms portal example

Who’s running the show?

The platform and mobile apps that many resellers provide today, isn’t their own.

With little to no flexibility on branding, feature sets and licenses – resellers are simply providing a product from someone else and turning into a middle main rather than being the end users ‘main man’.

Referring customers to their vendor only reduces their reputation.



So what now? How can you deal with the biggest challenges related to MSP problems?

If any of this sounds familiar and you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do next, speak to us here at Connecting Britain.


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