White label VoIP, what is it?

Feb 16, 2023 | Marketing

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What is White label, and what would it mean for your business?  

White-Label services are something supplied alongside a fully-fledged and developed VoIP solution. By combining top tier communications solution with a fully customisable platform, white label allows the end user to see as much or as little as each partner branding as required.

Building a phone system from scratch can be both time consuming and costly. There are many challenges when considering all of the features and functionality that would be required. White-Label services gives the ability for resellers to access top tier platforms and benefits, without the costs of starting from scratch.  

Here at Connecting Britain, we provide a fully white-labelled service. So it’s up to our partners how much or how little the end users can see and use. Our platform even has the functionality for partners to create and set their own pricing for their own bespoke product sets within their own reseller platform.

As a reseller you would retain full control over every aspect of their communications services. Customers logging into your UCaaS platform would see your business name, your business logo and your business colours. Something as simple as an email template with your logo in the header, gives a seamless finish to the platform.  


So, why is white label better?  

When becoming a partner to a white-label provider, one of the main benefits is the ability to provide a service without having to build a platform from the ground up. Resellers benefit from high quality marketing materials alongside providing a top-tier communications platform and marketing it as their own. All of the hard work is done for you.  

Find out more about our white label platform and marketing support here. 

It’s cost effective – as mentioned, the costs of building a system from the ground up are high and would need a large investment, which in turn comes with its own risks. By choosing a white-Label partner you can provide a customised service, without breaking the bank.  

You don’t need advanced technical skills to operate the platform. The aim of providing a white label service is so resellers have no need to alter the platform themselves. Adding features is made easy, no need for coding skills.  

There is an easy onboarding process, which makes the effort of transitioning to become a partner, minimal. Easy guides and tutorials can be provided to help when operating the platform and white-label documents for both internal and external use can be provided.   

The telecoms industry is ever advancing. With this comes updates to systems and features, as a white label service provider this means better services and features to provide. Over time, the functionality and quality of these services will keep on improving as technology advances. As a reseller, this gives peace of mind that the product you are supplied with is future proofed.  

Find out more about our white labelled platform here.