Expand your business and revenue with white-label UCaaS products and services with Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens.

In a fast growing industry the current VOIP services many of the top resellers provide, just won’t cut it anymore. Businesses want more for their money, we all do.

However, adopting existing services and trends will only slow your growth due to the high capacity of resellers selling the exact same product at a much lower cost due to the volume of customers they have.

So, what can you do to benefit from the multi-billion pound industry but move away from traditional VOIP services….

We work differently

The Connecting Britain powered by Netsapiens services can either be offered as a ‘by session’ product or ‘per seat’ product. These options are in place to maximise your businesses efficiency and help to minimise any unnecessary expenditure.

If it would benefit your business to offer a ‘by session’ service, meaning you’re only being charged for an active call rather than per user, our specialists can in turn provide the best solution.

How that compares?




Setting You Up for Success 

Why Businesses choose Connecting Britain?


Partnering with Connecting Britain Wholesale provides you access with the best hosted platform in the UK and Ireland, with many partners growing at twice the average and being up to 30% more profitable.

As a trusted partner, our expertise and capabilities in Network connectivity, Cloud, Unified Communications, Cyber Security and API services enable your sales teams to increase your average order values.

We design and deliver solutions for partners and suppliers of all sizes.