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Why can you install broadband where others can’t?

Due to our connections and partnerships with alternative networks across the UK we are able to access areas that the likes of BT and Virgin ( the 2 main networks in the UK) can’t yet reach. There are thousands of alternative networks all live and active throughout Britain currently, we use our knowledge and expertise to find the network that is closest and best suited for your business’s needs, allowing to get and install broadband where others can’t.

What happens if the company ceases trading?

As part of our network arrangements we have standing agreements this means that in the unlikely event that we cease to trade the suppliers will take over your service agreement, therefore there would be no loss of service. (we like to think we know what we are doing as we have over 30 years’ experience in the telecoms industry) For more details about Connecting Britain check out our ‘About Us’ page.

How long does it take for a service ticket to be resolves ?

Tickets are categorised by priority and urgency by our service team-  medium, high and urgent. We have the following internal SLA’s to resolve these:

  • Medium – 3 working days
  • High – 2 working days
  • Urgent – 1 working day

*Please note SLA’s may be longer if the issue relates or needs to be passed to a third party. However, you will be notified of this and updated by our service team with any information we receive to ensure your ticket is solved as fast as possible.

How do I transfer calls?

The correct procedure to transfer a call, is as follows;

  • Press transfer
  • Call the person you wish to transfer to
  • Wait for them to answer the phone
  • Press transfer again

My phone can't receive calls/one of my phones is always engaged?

Check if DND is turned on. DND is a feature that allows you to prevent the phone from being to receive calls, however if it’s turned on by accident, then it can appear that there is a fault.

My phone won't turn on

Check the power cable/network cable, try swapping the phone with another phone to see if the issue persists with the same phone or if it only happens on the same cable. If so, you will need a new cable.

If you’re using a cordless phone, then ensure that the handset is charged and try using different batteries.

All of our phones say network unavailable?

Check your broadband connection, the phones need a persistent broadband connection to run, therefore if your broadband goes down so will the phones.

I can't hear the other person/the other person can't hear me

If you’re using a desk phone, ensure that the handset is fully plugged into the back of the phone and also try using loudspeaker to see if the handset is faulty. If this doesn’t work check your broadband connection.

Why are my phones crackly/ such a low quality?

Check your broadband speeds, if the speeds seem lower than usual then try taking everything off the network to see if the issue persists. If the issue doesn’t stop here, then try restarting your router.

We've changed a feature on our phones, but it's not updating. What do we do?

Try restarting the handset by unplugging the cable from the back and then waiting 10 seconds before putting it back in (if you’re using a cordless then restart the base station that is connected to your router).

It’s important to note that whilst feature changes are almost instant, they can on rare occasions take up to 24 hours to implement.

Our broadband is down?

Try restarting the router, do this by taking the power cable out of the back, waiting 20 seconds, and plugging it back in.

If this doesn’t work then go to the socket where the broadband comes into the building, this socket will have a faceplate on the front that can be removed. Remove the faceplate and plug the router into the master socket behind it. Ensure the router is fully restarted after doing this.

Our broadband seems to be slow

Run a broadband speed test by going to our ‘Speed test’ page. If the speeds don’t look as they should be then disconnect everything you have from the internet except for one computer and run the test again, if the speeds improve then you most likely have something on your network taking up a large amount of bandwidth which is causing it to run slowly.

If the above doesn’t fix your issue, then refer to question above “our broadband is down?”.

We've tried all of the above answers, but our broadband still doesn't work ?

Restart all the phones, ensure they are off for at least 10 seconds before turning them back on (you can turn them off by taking the power cable out the back). If you have cordless handsets, it’s important that you restart the base station and not the handset (please note that the base station is hard wired into your router and is not used to charge the handset).

If the above doesn’t work then try doing a full network restart, first, ensure all of the phones are turned off, if you have a network switch then turn this off as well. Once they’re all off then turn the internet router off as well. After around 20 seconds turn the router back on, once you’re getting internet again, then turn on the phones/network switch.

What happens when we want to port our existing number to you?

We send you a letter of authority for you to sign. This allows us to transfer your number from your current provider. This process can take around 30 working days but can be shorter. This depends on how quickly your existing provider responds to our request.

It’s really important that you do not cancel any lines or services connected to the numbers you are wishing to port. This is until we have given you confirmation that your numbers have been successfully transferred.

Please note we here at Connecting Britain cannot be held responsible for any loss of services where our process has not been followed.

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