Key2Support, a domiciliary care company, plays a crucial role in providing essential care services within the community. With a mission to ensure the well-being and support of individuals in need, efficient and reliable communication is paramount. As the IT Manager at Key2Support, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust telecommunications solutions is a top priority. 



Before partnering with Connecting Britain, Key2Support faced significant challenges with their previous telecommunications provider. The issues were numerous, leading to inefficiencies and frustration within the organisation. The lack of advanced features, inadequate support, and overall service quality were hindering their ability to deliver exceptional care services effectively. 



Key2Support turned to Connecting Britain for a comprehensive telecommunications overhaul. The standout features of Connecting Britain’s solution included the ability to record calls, make remote changes to the system from any internet connection, manage timeframes, and handle call queues efficiently. These capabilities were a significant upgrade from their previous setup. 

Connecting Britain’s team provided dedicated telephone support, ensuring that Key2Support’s transition was smooth and hassle-free. Unlike the previous provider, Connecting Britain’s support team was hands-on and deeply involved in the implementation process. The experience was so thorough that it felt as though the support team had moved in, ensuring every aspect of the setup was perfect. 



The implementation of Connecting Britain’s solutions transformed Key2Support’s communication infrastructure. The ability to record calls and manage the system remotely provided the flexibility and control needed to enhance their service delivery. Call queues and timeframes were efficiently managed, reducing wait times and improving client satisfaction. 

The overall experience with Connecting Britain’s customer support was excellent. The support team consistently provided prompt and effective assistance. The new telecommunications setup not only improved internal efficiencies but also had a positive impact on their ability to communicate with clients and caregivers. 

Key2Support’s transition to Connecting Britain’s advanced telecommunications solutions has been a resounding success. The enhanced features, superior customer support, and significant improvements in communication efficiency have empowered Key2Support to continue providing exceptional care services in the community. Key2Support highly recommends Connecting Britain’s products and services to other businesses in the industry, confident in the transformative impact they can bring. 

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