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With Connecting Britain, your business can effortlessly coordinate patient interactions, smoothly handle appointments, and promptly address every healthcare need. Let us join forces with you, guiding your business to reach its full potential.

Here, productivity and patient experiences work together to steer you towards success in the healthcare and care industry.

Whether you’re all about voice, video, messaging, or a mix of these, we’re here to make sure your communication solution aligns perfectly with your goals.

Our mission? To ensure that your solution goes above and beyond, transforming your business from just efficient to absolutely exceptional.


Appointment Management:

Streamline appointment scheduling and patient requests with integrated solutions.

Customised Communication Solutions:

Designed specifically to cater to the unique requirements of doctors practices and GP surgery’s.

Call Queueing:

Automated features and bespoke queueing features for easy communication.

Care Agency

Client Scheduling System:

Simplify appointment booking procedures with an effective client scheduling system.

Service Coordination:

Boost operational efficiency across your business with the use of mobile or desktop app.

Patient Satisfaction:

Guarantee that clients and caregivers can reach your agency without facing busy lines, ensuring timely assistance and information

Care Homes

Internal Communication:

Simplify internal comms for swift responses to residents’ requirements with our Mobile App.

Family Outreach:

Enable families to stay in touch with residents and receive updates about their well-being through room phones.

Emergency Response:

Implement reliable emergency call systems or call screening for residents’ safety.

Why Customers Choose Connecting Britain for Healthcare Connectivity

Patient-Centric Collaboration  

At Connecting Britain, we understand the critical importance of fostering a patient-centric environment. Our telephony solutions are meticulously designed to facilitate seamless communication between healthcare providers and patients. With features tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare sector, we empower providers to establish stronger connections, leading to enhanced patient care experiences. 

Emergency Response Solutions 

In healthcare, every second counts, especially during emergencies. Our telephony systems are equipped with advanced features to ensure quick and reliable communication during critical situations. Prioritising patient safety and well-being, our solutions provide healthcare institutions with the tools needed for effective emergency response, ultimately saving precious time and potentially lives. 

Integration Capabilities 

Seamless integration is the bedrock of our telephony solutions. We recognise the significance of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare platforms in maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient information. Our systems seamlessly integrate with these platforms, ensuring streamlined administrative processes and contributing to improved overall efficiency in healthcare delivery. 

Efficient Solutions  

We acknowledge the financial constraints faced by healthcare institutions. Connecting Britain offers flexible and efficient packages, specifically tailored to meet the unique financial considerations of the healthcare sector. Elevate communication capabilities without compromising on the quality of service, enabling healthcare providers to allocate resources more effectively. 

Healthcare Support

Our telephony services go beyond simple communication tools; they are vital instruments in empowering healthcare delivery. From supporting administrative processes to fostering collaborative healthcare initiatives, our solutions are crafted to enhance the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients.   

Our Popular Features

Call Queueing

Don’t let busy phone lines frustrate patients during peak hours. Our call queue feature ensures that incoming calls are handled efficiently. Callers are placed in a queue and greeted with a customised message, assuring them that their call will be attended to promptly.

Call Queue Call Back

Never miss a patient inquiry or request again. With our call back feature, callers in the queue have the option to receive a call back if their wait time exceeds a certain threshold. This allows patients to go about their day, without being tethered to the phone.

Virtual Receptionist

Think of our virtual receptionist as your round-the-clock professional greeter. Available 24/7, it ensures that patients always receive a warm and welcoming response, even outside regular office hours. This personalised touch enhances patient interactions and improves overall satisfaction.

Integration with CRM’s

Seamlessly integrate your phone system with appointment management software for real-time updates. Integrations with existing CRM’s can ensure that your staff is instantly informed of any changes, preventing scheduling conflicts and maximising efficiency.

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