Putting Preston on the map… The Full Fibre map!

Oct 7, 2022 | Broadband

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Earlier this year ITS announced their plans to expand their full fibre network under the Faster Britain campaign, across selected areas of the UK and specifically the North West.

Here you can find the latest on what they’ve been up to in Preston, and how we at Connecting Britain are involved.

Connecting Britain – Connecting Preston

We have partnered with alternative networks to ensure businesses across the North West can access and benefit from gigabit capable broadband. By partnering with ITS on their Faster Britain campaign we are able to supply businesses within Preston  full fibre broadband, helping to futureproof thousands of businesses in the process.

The Faster Britain campaign is being implemented throughout areas of the UK which have previously not had Full Fibre available, meaning businesses have been often limited to a terrible connection or a high-priced leased line, which they don’t need. 

Preston - Pin on the map

“ITS has the capabilities to install ultrafast connectivity to any business in the UK using its own infrastructure or that of its trusted operator partners… By reusing existing infrastructure to build networks, known as ‘dig once’, ITS minimises the impact on local communities. It can also install customer connections far quicker than the industry norm.” (ITS, 2022)

So, how is this good news for Preston?

Historically, the broadband options available across the city have not been in the upper tiers (meaning fast connections have been few and far between). As a company operating within Preston ourselves, we know the limited options can have a major impact on both the productivity and finances of the business.

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If the only options available are a slow ADSL, basic FTTC or High-Priced Leased line, you’re forced to compromise, and either choose to save money and lose out on speed or choose speed and be forced into paying a lot for a connection which you won’t get the most out of.

Full Fibre through the Faster Britain campaign cuts out the compromise, bringing high speeds at a much lower price than the average leased line. Data provided by ITS explains how the network in Preston has as already passed over 2,700 premises, giving them the ability to access the brand-new full fibre network.

Use our postcode checker to see if you are one of the 2,700 businesses that is “on-net” for Full Fibre.