Serving up Top-Tier Communications Solutions

At Connecting Britain, we understand the unique challenges that restaurants face, and we’re here to provide tailored solutions that address these pain points head-on.

Here’s how our services can transform your restaurant operations and enhance customer experiences:

Call Queueing:

Don’t let Busy phone lines be a pain during peak hours. Call queues ensure that incoming calls are managed efficiently. Customers are placed in a queue and greeted with a bespoke message, assuring them that their call will be attended to shortly.


Reduce Missed Reservations: Call queues drastically reduce the chances of missed reservations. Every call is logged and routed to the next available staff member, ensuring that customers can easily book a table or inquire about your restaurant’s offerings.

CRM Integrations:

Integration between your phone system and reservation management software allows for real-time updates. When a reservation is made or cancelled, your staff is instantly informed, preventing overbooking and ensuring that your restaurant operates at optimal capacity.


Efficient Management: Restaurant staff can view reservation details, preferences, and special requests directly from their communication system, making it easier to personalize the dining experience for each guest.

Virtual Receptionist:

A virtual receptionist provides a warm and professional greeting to callers, making an excellent first impression. It sets the tone for a positive customer experience.

Information and Routing: During non-operating hours or when staff is busy, the virtual receptionist can provide essential information, such as operating hours and directions. Callers can also be efficiently routed to the correct extension for assistance.

High Speed Internet:

Offering reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi is a must in today’s digital age. Guests can access your restaurant’s online menu, place orders, make digital payments, and enjoy a seamless online experience.

Social Media Sharing: A fast internet connection encourages guests to share their dining experiences on social media, helping to promote your restaurant through user-generated content.

Marketing Integrations:

Integrating your communication system with marketing platforms streamlines customer engagement. Automate promotional campaigns, send special offers or gather valuable feedback.

Loyalty Programs: Effortlessly manage loyalty programs and track customer engagement. This feature helps build lasting relationships with your patrons, encouraging repeat visits.

Advanced Security Solutions for Your Restaurant

Our integrated door entry systems offer restaurants a comprehensive security solution, seamlessly merging with our communication platform. This integration provides real-time insights into every action within the system.

Whether you’re monitoring guest access or safeguarding sensitive areas, our platform offers the visibility and control necessary for peace of mind. Easily manage access codes through the platform, ensuring convenience and security for your establishment.

By embracing this integration, you’re not only enhancing employee safety but also fortifying your restaurant’s overall security protocols.